Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sports Bet News | NBA 2012-13 News: Floppers Will Get Penalties at NBA New Season 2012

NBA 2012-13 News: Floppers Will Get Penalties at NBA New Season 2012

THE LATEST NBA 2012-2013 UPDATE – This season, the NBA will push through a move to penalize those who keep on flopping on games.

Penalties will be set to those who keep on making “exaggerated falls to the floor” because those moves have the tendency to deceive the audience and fans alike. After the first warning, repeating offenders will receive the following fines:

Second    $5,000      
Third    $10,000      
Fourth    $15,000      
Fifth    $30,000      
Sixth    SUSPENSION   

Stu Jackson, NBA vice president of basketball operations, remarked, “…flops have no place in our game”. He noted that flopping leads to wrong decisions by referees when ruling on fouls.

Oklahoma City’s James Harden, who has played past through rival floppers, applauded the decision of the NBA. He called the decision a good one and said that players cannot “…get away with it anymore.”

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